Happiness is….

….being invited over for dinner on a Saturday night!  Gail put on a lavish spread while we watched the Belmont races and cheered on Mine that Bird and Chocolate Candy.  I was rooting for the longshot but Summer Bird came from behind for the win, very exciting!

…. a mint julep with the race…
Mint Julep

…. snacking on Fire and Ice pineapple…
Fire and Ice pineapple

….Oscar watched the race too, with one eye open….
Oscar hiding

…. Gail’s spicy black bean soup….
Black bean soup

…. with all the fixings….
The fixings

…. and two kinds of cornbread!  Muffins with creamed corn, and spicy cheesy cornbread wedges.  Hard to pick a favorite here…
Corn bread testing

…. healthy berry dessert tart, and Dottie’s biscotti!!!
Dottie's biscotti and fruit yogurt tart

…. a gift of yarn and a carpet bag, how nice!  Can’t wait to start knitting on my secret project with this yarn!  Thanks Gail (((hug)))
Carpet Bag full of yarn

Fire and Ice Pineapple

A fresh pineapple, peeled, cored and chopped into chunks

1 t red chile flakes

1/2 c chopped mint

Arrange pineapple in a serving dish, sprinkle with chile flakes and mint, and serve with toothpicks. So easy, and so delicious!


6 responses to “Happiness is….

  1. Now that’s my idea of a perfect night: food, friends, knitting!

  2. Thanks for the pineapple recipe, what a great sounding combo. And your pictures, as always, are great.

  3. Interesting mix to eat raw with just chili flakes, umm. Yin and Yang. I like your cozy pictures, so inviting. I like pineapple too and make a salsa with mango, tomatoes, red onion, scallions. It’s the only “fruit” I don’t mind stir fried in a savory dish.

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  5. You rock! So happy to see you playing on WordPress. Heather, you’ve found your calling. 🙂

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