Wordless Wednesday… NRFC


(A field trip to visit USS Hornet, CV12, now a floating museum at NAS.  The Grey Ghost.)

New Message

(View of San Francisco off the stern)

New Message

(A VC8, getting a little pampering)

New Message

(On board in the forecastle, port side below the hangar deck. Only just slightly spooky.)

New Message

(Wilson, the Hornet Mascot! Lovingly tended by the docents. A portion of the teak flight deck, grass seed deposited by birds and taken root, and re-potted with love. A symbol of the new life of the Hornet.)


One response to “Wordless Wednesday… NRFC

  1. Hi Heather! So great to meet you this weekend too! Sorry I lost track of you guys at the after-party I got caught up in a conversation outside, etc. How late did you stay? I crashed at 9:30. Trip home was long and miserable, delayed flight. I’m all about recuperating today! 😉

    Will def. be in SF again and will hit you up for that real meal … I’m craving meat after that white carb / sugar fest!

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