Whine-Not Monday

I am declaring Monday as Whine-Not Monday.

Monday is usually a rather icky day for many people. Back to work, the weekend fun is over, the post lunch nap is no longer an option, there is no food in the fridge, so Whine-Not and have a good glass of wine as the sun sets?

Tonight, during the purple hour, my pal A___ came over for a brief, convivial visit, so I quickly cleared the kitchen table of the usual accumulation of clutter and popped open a taste of New Mexico, Serenade by Casa Rondeña.

The sunset over Ocean Beach behind us had turned the fog bank hovering over Nob Hill a shimmering pink and the highrise apartment windows winked in an orange hue. A crow flew under my window, and the cat snored away, stretched thin on my new quilt, his nose whistling, which was drowned out a bit by the gentle hissing of the radiator.

We clinked our classes together and admired the scene, savoring the light fruity wine, mostly Riesling with a little Gewurztraminer for sparkle, and nibbled on salty Marcona almonds left over from last weekend’s baking experiment.

A gentle and most pleasant end to a Monday. Whine-Not indeed!

Cheers, my friends! I hope you join me next week.


One response to “Whine-Not Monday

  1. I feel like I did join you just now … happy sigh … such a lovely post, Heather. I’ll join you for real next week – brilliant idea!

    Oh, love those little paws … one of my cats is a black and white too.

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