Happiness is….

… my family, all under one roof…

… the kitchen, hectic with various tasks,  pots bubbling on the stove…

…cooling off on the front porch for a moment, sitting on the chair in the dark, so quiet that I can hear a cricket chirp slowly, the foxes yip in the distance and the fizzy roar from my champagne glass. It reminds me of the beginning of the Pirates of the Carribean, floating slowly in the dark, hearing the clink of dishes from the Blue Bayou, watching the fireflies and hearing the plink of the banjo, with the anticipation of what is to come…

… returning to the bright indoors, getting a puff of hot, turkey scented air in the face, seeing the sparkling crystal, china and silver gleaming on the dining table, and hearing the faint sound of football from the family room…

… having so much to be thankful for this year: my family’s good health, a sumptious meal soon to be devoured, cool spiced pumpkin chiffon pie for dessert and a turkey coma tonight.  I am thankful for all of this, and for Thanksgiving!


Wishing you and your families a wonderful Thanksgiving!


3 responses to “Happiness is….

  1. Well said! Sometimes it’s hard to remember to reflect on Thanksgiving, and your post certainly put life in perspective.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving back at you. Sounds like yours is going swimmingly!

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