When Life Gives you Lemons… Make Lemon Drops!

Last night when the Roost was sizzling away, despite the rain, my thoughts turned towards cool, refreshing libations. It was a stroke of luck (or was it fate?) that Costco had a mondo bottle of Ketel One for $20 and a giant tub of Meyer lemons for $4 the other day. When life hands me lemons, I do one of two things: roast a chicken or make a cocktail!

But given my recent track record, I decided a cocktail was in order.

As prepared my tipple last night it occurred to me that this cocktail is actually more like a health tonic. Think of all the Vitamin C in the juice of a lemon and a Mandarin orange, not to mention the healing properties of Vitamin V, it’s totally good for you!

The Roost’s Lemon Drop

3/4 jigger of lemon vodka
1 jigger freshly squeezed Meyer lemon juice or one lemon
1/2 of a Cutie or Mandarin orange, squeezed
1 T agave nectar
3-4 ice cubes

Place all of the above in a mini cocktail shaker and shake well for one minute. Strain into a chilled martini glass.

If you are feeling fancy, swipe the squeezed lemon rind over the martini glass first, then dip the edges in sugar for a sugared rim. Garnish the rim with a spiral of lemon rind or a paper thin slice of lemon.

Repose seductively on the couch, switch on Dean Martin’s “Sway” on the hi-fi and sip slowly.



When you run out of lemon vodka, why not make your own?

2 Meyer lemons
An empty bottle of vodka
A mondo bottle of vodka
A funnel
A serrated vegetable peeler
A small sharp knife

Peel the lemons, then using the knife, scrape out the bitter white pith from the inside of the peel. Julienne the peels and stuff into the empty bottle. With the funnel fill the bottle with vodka, seal and let sit for a month. When you think about it agitate the bottle now and then.

Do you really need to spend all that money on flavored vodka when you can easily make it at home? And, I guarantee, you will agree this tastes a heck of a lot better when it’s home-infused.

Here’s to a new year!!

Wishing you a great year of health, creativity, good friends and great cocktails!!


3 responses to “When Life Gives you Lemons… Make Lemon Drops!

  1. Yum!! I have some homemade limoncello that would pair nicely with that! 😉

  2. Ohhh we made these tonight! Thanks for the recipe. My husband liked it a lot.

  3. Ah! Nothing can top the Meyer lemon’s perfume, flavor and . . .. I think I’ll go pick one of my Meyer lemons off the tree. Start the New Year right!
    mUm Happy New Year!

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