A Happy, Healthier New Year

I don’t make resolutions for the New Year because I feel they are a recipe for setting yourself up for failure. I am, however, a compulsive list-maker and have my master list of things I would like to do or at least work towards each day-week-month.

This last month Lori of Recipe Girl wrote about a 10 week initiative about getting healthier starting New Year’s Day, and it appealed to my list making side. Not only has improving my health been perpetually on my to-do list but after losing almost two months last year to Le Grippe Porcine being healthier has been top of my mind. I have found that the best way to accomplish a goal or project is to have set goals, have accountability and some support. The 10 in ’10 Healthier Challenge idea is that we state our goals for improving our health, write about them every Saturday and provide and receive support from the other writers who are participating. How perfect is that? I committed myself to the challenge, and off I go!

My goals for this challenge area all about getting back to the basics:
– drink more water
– get a minimum of 6 hours of sleep a night
– eat 3 or more small meals a day
– walk at least 2 miles a day
– eat more fruit

It sounds easy, right? I have been struggling with these basics for some time, however, part of a long-standing and erroneous mentality to take care of other people’s needs before my own. I skip meals and sleep because I am busy. I skip that longed for glass of water because it’s inconvenient to make the time. It comes down to a basic tendency that I will take care of myself *later* because now I have other pressing needs, whatever they may be. The truth of it is, though, that there is no *later*. I need to place myself first in all scenarios, particularly now after a severe illness. I still don’t understand my attitude towards fruit. A part of my brain believes that it is a special treat or a luxury. I wasn’t raised to think that way though and no one can understand it when I talk about it. I have been trying not to feel guilt when I have an entire basket of strawberries, just for me.

Regardless of the source of these issues and wrong thinking, my hope is that with the support and encouragement and mindfulness of this challenge I can work towards engraining these healthy habits into my daily routine.

Today is the start of Week One, and as I embark on this challenge I have had three glasses of water already, a light breakfast, snack and light supper and have two Cuties waiting for my dessert tonight. It’s a small start but after celebrating the demise of ’09 last night I feel like I am setting my feet at least in the right direction towards a great year.

To your health and Happy New Year!


10 responses to “A Happy, Healthier New Year

  1. I can’t believe how hard it is just to do the basics. I like Lori’s plan. I’ve tried committing to 30 days of a small behavior as a stepping stone to making a lifelong change.

  2. You might consider joining Sparkpeople.com as a useful way to track your goals – not just for people looking to lose weight, but a great place for anyone looking to keep their resolutions and help stay accountable! And, it’s a happy community!

  3. Well, I identify your reasons for postponing the water although I need it. Today I have had two glasses and one is waiting by my bed. All I need to do is double this and add one more. To bed and up tomorrow to start the new routine. I’ll keep you posted.

    • Oh yes, mUm, there is also the feeling of not being interested in drinking cold water in the winter. Even room temperature water, brrr. But, bottoms up!

  4. Wow, 6 hours of sleep a night as a MIN? I need at least 8! And I’m with you on the more walking thing…

    Happy 2010!

  5. I’m trying my darndest to win a camera on PW and when I do….It’s YOUR’S honey! Happy New Year!

  6. Best wishes for a Happy New Year and best of luck in your goals. They sound totally realistic, and I bet it will get easier as you feel better.

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