10 in ’10: Week One

Today is the end of my first week participating in the 10 in ’10 Health Challenge. My goals sound simple on paper but not in practice, apparently.

My goal to have a pleasant, long walk each day has been suspended due my ankle still not cooperating since the sprain before Christmas. I keep yelling “Heal!!” at it but so far it doesn’t seem to be listening. It is terribly boring to stay off it to let it heal but I have been behaving myself and it seems better today. And I finished my pair of Pyroclastic socks in the sparkly yarn by Dream in Color. And they are divine.

San Francisco normally in the winter has mild to chilly temperatures. This winter we have had more than our share of what we call a “cold snap” and this week was rather snappy. Drinking water in cold weather is just the pits but I have my giant glass of water with a packet of EmergenC first thing each morning and that’s a good start to keeping a full glass at hand at all times. This week the water consumption went pretty well and I have also started brewing green tea (a gift from Santa!) and keeping a perpetual pot going.

Sleep remains elusive but I am sure that will improve once I can stretch my legs without hobbling like a drunk dwarf. Three out of the seven days involved consumption of fruit, or six out of seven if you count the juice of a lemon in a Le Bourget or lemon drop cocktail counts. What do you think?? And, best of all, I have been having breakfast most days, which is a tremendous improvement. I’ve realized that when I have been overweight, eating anything at all made me feel guilty. But skipping meals makes one hungrier and therefore increases the risk of overeating. By examining my eating patterns I’ve concluded that I do eat healthily outside of the consumption of bacon on occasion and wine. So the next component is to increase my physical activity, which I hope the ankle affords me the opportunity this week.

Overall, this first week I give myself a C. Meh. It wouldn’t be called a Challenge if wasn’t challenging, right? Onwards and upwards and once more into the breach and all that.

Have a healthy week!

(and a special Happy Birthday to N___!!)


One response to “10 in ’10: Week One

  1. Lack of sun, lower excitement after the holidays, bills come in, news reporters haven’t anything uplifting – these all make for somber times. We must be supportive in this time. Things will get better and wounds will heal.Try smiling while talking and whistling some cheery ditty while cleaning around the manse.

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