10 in ’10: Week 3

Week 3 just whizzed by, where *does* the time go?

Well, the bulk of my week was spent at the Fancy Food Show, where time operates in another dimension. I will recap the show another day but suffice it to say that while there few of the bazillion things I sampled would be called healthy options. I feasted on a hundreds of fancy cheeses, beer and booze, candies and caramels, hams and cured meats from every country, and caviar and foie. Oh, there was a little fruit in there, and fruit based things, and even flowers! The only things I ate outside of the show were a bowl of pho, the leftovers of the pho the next day and some guacamole and cervice on the final day. And Cuties of course.

The show was physically huge, both halls of the vast underground Moscone Center were filled with booths. They had signs up saying that if you walked through both halls in one day it was 10,000 steps or 3 miles. I don’t think they took into account the running two and fro in between the two halls that I did each day, to the press room (with friends) and the constant retracing of ones steps, where was that booth with the cute mozzerella guys anyway? And always looking for the ladies room when you are at the furthest point from it at any given time.

After the show was over I was conpletely pooped out. I did not eat. I just drank water with packets of EmergenC and snoozed a lot. It was pouring rain and being inside was really lovely and cozy and warm. I did a fair bit of exercises for my back to help it after the abuse it received from packing around huge bags of goodies from kind exhibitors each day. Oy. The rest of the week I cleaned the Roost from stem to stern, necessary work but hard on the extremeties, which now need a bit of rehab from all the repetitive motions. Double oy.

The best part of the week, as it relates to the 10 in ’10 Challenge, is that I was able to go everywhere I wanted and have a lot of fun without my gimpy ankle or other body parts bothering me overmuch, or at least I ignored it until I got home. I drank a ton of water (or other liquids, heh heh). And I got a lot of sleep for about 3/4 of the week.

Total grade: B-

I hope you have a healthy week!


2 responses to “10 in ’10: Week 3

  1. well then no ankle pain I call that a plus!

    sososooooo want to hit up that show:) we should switch lives for a week

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