10 in 10′: Week 4

It is Week 4 of my participation in the 10 in 10′ Healthy Challenge, almost halfway through and past the 21-day mark where an activity can become a habit.

Thanks to my dear friend G___ I have joined a “blitz” at blitzometer.com, Strive for Five as part of my quest to eat more (or at least some) fruit each day. I love vegetables so that part won’t be a challenge but this blitz helped to remind me about the fruit part. Thanks G-Man!!

There is something about daily accountability and having a coach that really helped me keep on track. At Blitzometer, whatever blitz you select comes with a clear description of your goal, an oath that you commit to the goal, a daily email reminder from your coach and an online form to complete to show what you did that day. Most of the blitzes are physical activity-related but the Strive for Five blitz is to eat five fruits and vegetables per day. Easy, right? Ha! It is still a challenge for me but I really enjoyed it.

I also joined a new blitz starting next week, the TV Workout, where you do stomach crunches and pushups during commercial breaks. I do like to watch television in the evenings when I am home, watching the mystery shows especially, and I promised my dear friend R___ I would watch the Amazing Race show with her (virtually). We will see!!

On the whole I did meet my daily goal of five servings of fruits and veggies. One day I totally cheated because I made those delicious stuffed peppers and had them for dinner and lunch the next day, but that’s not *really* cheating, is it. I discovered that my local Japanese grocery has its own organic farm for the bulk of their produce, and their fruit selection is naturally a bit more exotic to the Western palate. I tried two of the four different varieties of Asian pears, which are presented in a case individually wrapped in tissue paper and spongy protective socks. They are crunchy and juicy and delicious! I also found yuzu, at last. It is not a snacking fruit but one rather lauded for its aromatic peel, and tonight is is going to be transformed into my Granny’s lemon cake pudding (I will present the recipe in another post). Overall I get an A for this segment of my challenge.

Despite all the rain, I have been walking a lot, and one day clocked 2.5 miles, even though I was wearing clogs that day. It felt really good splashing about in the rain. The streets are quite pleasant when they are washed all clean. It’s like an obstacle course, walking for exercise in an urban environment in the rain, skirting puddles and blocked storm drains, hugging the buildings in spots here and there to avoid being splashed by waves of water thrown up by passing cars speeding through massive puddles and the ballet of keeping the umbrella from turning inside-out on windy corners. Sometimes I felt like Ichabod Crane with my long raincoat swirling around my legs as I stalked along, trying to extend my strides to stretch my muscles and ligaments. Fortunately, I have plenty of cozy knitted things I’ve made up to keep my head and neck warm, and my handknit socks to keep my feet ecstatically happy while pounding the pavement. For my walking goal I get a B+.

However, I give myself a big fat F this week for my sleep goal. Due to some circumstances outside of my control in my apartment building I have not been able to sleep more than 4 hours at a time, albeit restlessly. The problem is slowly being resolved and I hope to be able to have a restful night sometime soon. It can’t come too soon though as I am feeling decidedly haggard and ragged about the edges.

Overall, it has been a productive week, and for the purposes of this challenge, one of which I have enjoyed a new mindfulness.

Have a healthy week!


One response to “10 in 10′: Week 4

  1. nice work Heather! I didn’t join the 10 in 10 but I should have. I’m living it through you 🙂

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