10 in ’10: Week 8

It’s the eighth week of the 10 in ’10 Healthy Challenge, and I have rather been off reservation lately. I have a good reason though, not suitable for the public, but nonetheless despite not meeting the goals of the challenge during this period I have been meeting the challenge facing my personal life with great aplomb and courage and feel quite good about that.

Facing challenges are a part of life that no one likes to talk about. We all have our challenges and we all face them in different ways. A fun challenge like the 10 in ’10 Healthy Challenge is a welcome respite from the grim realities of the “real life”. I don’t mean to say that the 10 in ’10 Challenge isn’t a real challenge, it is a wonderful challenge and a worthy one. Given this, I look forward to regaining lost progress.

Instead of a recap of last week or the period of time where this challenge wasn’t in the forefront of my mind, I am instead going to look forward and set some goals for this week.


I am excited to say that I have a gorgeous pineapple on my counter and it shall soon meet its destiny under my sharpest chef’s knife. Mwah hah hahhhh… I plan to snack on it, use some for my favorite BBQ chicken pizza and may blend some with a tub of skyr for an Iceland-meets-Hawaii smoothie.

Tomorrow is the farmer’s market and I plan to pick up some more fruit there. I love shopping at the farmer’s market and buying direct from the grower. Not only is it cheaper but the produce was just picked either that morning or the day before and therefore stays much fresher at home. I also put my fruits and vegetables in those green produce bags and find that they really help keep the quality of the produce better for much longer than regular plastic or paper bags. I was delighted to read that NASA sends produce to the International Space Station (ISS) inside these same green bags, how cool is that?


Today I took a great nap, which really has been helping me deal with my sleep deficit. I have found a wonderful app through iTunes called Pzizz Relax. This little application has really helped me get the most out of a nap, even when I don’t feel sleepy. It’s more like a guided meditation with soothing sounds and music and when I’m done with a nap/session I really feel more refreshed and spunky. We like spunky!

Interestingly enough, having a nap does not make it harder for me to fall asleep at night. I am still tackling issue of insomnia but am not expecting a miracle or instant cure and appreciate every extra half-hour or hour that I can rack up each day.


Thanks to my mOm for giving me several packages of wonderful green tea, I have been enjoying a few cups of green tea each day and brewed some for iced tea.

There is a popular Japanese brand of bottled iced green tea that is extremely delicious. It is also not cheap. One of the packets of tea I have is the same kind used in the commercial bottled preparation. I have the perfect sized square pitcher for my tiny rental-apartment refrigerator and it is a truly refreshing beverage. And, being Scottish, I like it that I’m saving $2.75 per glass. I even have a drink bottle that I use just for flavored beverages, which was a kind gift from the BlogHer’09 conference, so I can have my iced tea to go.

By the way, if you don’t already have one of these great metal drink bottles then I highly encourage you to buy two or more. Keep one for your filtered water, and one for your flavored drinks. I like to have a spare of each so that one can be in the dishwasher and I always have a clean fresh one on hand. The $12.00 or so you spend on the bottle will quickly be regained within a week or two of not purchasing bottled water. Further, many bottled waters that are for sale are also just filtered water (Dasani and Arrowhead for example) and if you have have a filter pitcher at home or have good tap water like we do here, then why pay up to $2.50 for a glass of water? There are many brands but please be sure to buy one that is not made in China as they have reportedly used BPA in the liner.


My wonky ankle has finally healed up so that long rambles are now possible! Unfortunately I still can’t wear anything with a heel yet but I adore my hiking boots from Santa Fe and it is still winter so I can pretty much get away with wearing them all the time. There is nothing finer than wearing boots with handmade socks, they are so cushy and soft and outright gorgeous and these are my favorites:

Socks of Solstice
(my Socks of Solstice, made with cashmere and Merino yarn. I was so excited to finish them that I didn’t take a final photograph, but trust me, the toe on the second sock is likewise gorgeous and so comfortable.)

So that’s my plan and I am sticking to it. I feel good about having a nice plan like this, and for my gumption in facing difficult things in life, and for having the conviction to stick to the healthy challenge when many in my place would probably bail out. “They” say that having force of will or discipline or whatever you want to call it during difficult times shows the measure of the person. I may not have improved my physical health over the last month but I have improved my mental health by remaining strong and positive, and that is the greater accomplishment.

I hope you have a healthy week!


3 responses to “10 in ’10: Week 8

  1. Why do you spell mOm that way?!

    Loooove the socks! They look comfy!

    • Hi Christina,

      My mom started spelling her name that way years ago, I think the big “o” is like a hug in the middle of her name. It’s so cute I always spell it that way now. Hugs from moms are the best!

  2. looking forward is a great way to look past ‘failure’ to the future! I love how positive this post is!

    Now get ready because you are going to help me launch “just another meatless Monday” next week. You have a week either write up your favorite vegetarian recipe of select an older post. I need help ‘m burning out on vegetarian ideas.

    Can’t wait for blogher food’10 even if you are not going maybe you and janet can be me and diva’s dates for the after party? or cocktail party !!

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