Idyllic Spring

Ahhh, Spring!!!

Such an idyllic day.

It’s 74 degrees outside, a soft breeze is blowing.

I am barefoot.

I relaxed in the back garden and painted my toes strawberry red and finished a scifi novel.

The cat napped (and yawned) in a pool of sunshine.


I found the first pink rose of the spring.

First rose

A neighbor dropped by to share fresh spring lettuces from his garden, a welcome addition to our dinner tonight!

Shared booty from a neighbor

mOm made Granny’s German potato salad while I watched, taking notes.

German Potato Salad

Another knock at the front door was a young neighbor, selling raffle tickets as part of her fundraising for next year’s fair.  She’s joining the Miss Junior Calaveras County contest.  I hope she wins, she’s so lovely and charming.  Hope one of our raffle tickets is a winner too!

Have I got a winning ticket?

Sundays in the country are so charming and relaxing, with soft warm weather, nice neighbors, a beautiful day, an even more beautiful dinner to come.

Sundays with family are such a gift.

I will miss it here.


4 responses to “Idyllic Spring

  1. That looks amazing, dahlink! I need to figure out a way to visit you in SF. Love the yawning cat & the fresh greens.

  2. my Sunday in the country was awesome–ok…everday in the country is awesome

  3. That is one fat cat.

  4. oh working on button for kitchen mess idea–why don;t you and linda hammer out details?

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