Name Calling

When I was visiting my parents recently, my mom and I were doing some gardening together and she said the most curious thing.  She pointed to her watering can and said, “Don’t forget to fill Anita!”

After a pause of incredulity, and then laughter, we started discussing our family’s tendency to name inanimate beloved objects.  Anita is named after my mom’s coworker who gifted her with the watering can.

But it all started with my mOm’s beloved sports car, the TR4A called the Red Baron.  We loved swooping around in that little red car with the top down, blonde ponytails flying and those wonderful Ray Bans.  My mom was quite the glamor-puss.   Later, we acquired a monster Buick who was called the Queen Mary because of her enormity and stately elegance.  My dear pal L___’s pale blue VW bug was Boo Boo.

Apparently it is quite common to name a vehicle but all of these cars have passed into the great tow yard in the sky, and yet the names live on.  The new Red Baron is mOm’s fabulous red Kitchen Aid mixer.

Furniture have names in my circle too.  V___ has a gorgeous couch named Bruno.  I am about to acquire a turquoise Victorian settee named Vicky and a Martha Washington chair called Martha.  Naturally.  What else would one call them?

But there is more…

I have a whisk shaped like a squid named Cal (calimari).  My vacuum cleaner is Jack.  Actually, that is the model name.  I love having dates with Jack.  He’s very powerful.  You can see why I have a lot of fun naming these inanimate objects but apparently, my nicknames are not all that original!

I then posed the question on Twitter and was delighted with the responses, reproduced here for you.

There are musical instruments:

@eatwellathome says: I call my violin Sophia. She’s a beautiful Italian.

@w_interrobang says: my viola’s name is Brutus.

Aren’t those lovely names! So evocative.

There are more cars, and computers:

@DinnerAtXtinas says: J has named his computers & servers after U2 albums. I named my last 2 cars.

@DinnerAtXtinas  says: hehe The first car was a jeep named Steve-O (I was a teenager!) and 2nd car was ’66 tan Mustang named Sandy!

@kitchenmage says: Our computers are mythical creatures: Unicorn, Nixie, etc. Server that does backups, printers, etc is “House Elf” (H. Potter)

@lunaraven13 says: I had a car named Miranda

@ksiddiqi92 says: My new camera is named Kronos (the father of Zeus, Hades, and Poseidon)! My MacBook is “Mini Me” and I won’t embarrass myself sharing any more names. LOL.

Oh yes, Kamran, you do need to tell us more!

There is cooking equipment:

@ksiddiqi92 says: My pasta machine is named “Es Spaghetti” (you’ll know why once i have my pasta post up).

You must visit Kamran’s site, he’s an amazing cook and photographer, and still in high school. Great things will come from Kamran, wait and see…

Then, there is a very amazing sauce:

@SheSimmers says:  My master stir-fry sauce is named Bruno I also have an oven called Theodore and a rubber chicken called Edward.

I am in love with Bruno now, by the way, I think you all should be too.   As @SheSimmers says, Bruno loves you long time.   I must admit almost falling off my chair laughing after reading this.  I do love my Twitter friends, I hope you see why.

And then, a voice of sanity:

@julieako says:  beginning to think I am odd b/c I don’t name inanimate objects….sigh

That’s okay, Julie, I think after writing this post it is clear to me that you are the “normal” one!

What have you named in your kitchen, your home, your garage?  After all, what is in a name?  A whole lot of laughs I think…


2 responses to “Name Calling

  1. Goodness, am I the only abnormal one who doesn’t name inanimate objects? 😉 I usually refer to my violin and car as “she”, but I haven’t given them names. Hmm, maybe I should … 🙂

  2. Wow, I’m pleasantly surprised to find out that I’m far from unusual in naming all sorts of things.

    – My current car’s name is Beatrice, who led Dante through Purgatory (mine is getting me through grad school).

    – My stand mixer’s name is Moira, after the Moirae/Fates, because it was indeed fate that I would eventually have a KitchenAid stand mixer.

    – My work computer is Phoebus, a.k.a. Apollo, the sun god (appropriate for a solar physicist).

    – My new laptop has yet to be named properly, but will be either Hildr or Athena, given that she’ll ride with me into battle (my PhD defense).

    Fun times reading about others’ names for inanimate objects! 🙂

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