Wednesday Fruit Day!

Today’s fruit delivery is gorgeous!

oranges, Fuji apples, the first pomegranates, red and black plums, a monster mango, black grapes and crimson pears


2 responses to “Wednesday Fruit Day!

  1. Beautiful! Question: When growing up and eating a pomegranate, my mom made us pop the juice from the seed then spit out the seed. I see them in recipes, etc., now and I’m fairly sure people just eat the whole thing. How is it supposed to be?

    • Hi Jamye, Aren’t pomegranates wonderful?Yes, the seeds are edible, it’s just more roughage for your diet, which is usually a good thing for everyone! (Unless you have a health condition where you have to watch your intake of nuts and seeds.) I just learned a new way to get the seeds out: fill a bowl with water and “spank” the pomegranate with a wooden spoon to make the seeds pop out, but not bounce around the entire kitchen.

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