Happiness Is….

….Street food day at the Ferry Building.

The rain has stopped and the air is soft and clean. There are so many fall and wintery foods here to choose from, sourkrauts, pizzas with greens and an egg, chickens and potatoes, gourmet tacos and dogs.

My lunch today is a deep cup brimming with Boccalone’s rich, spicy pork sausage and white beans swimming on a thick liquor of onions, celery and carrots.

The plump creamy beans are so fat that one fills the spoon and pops in my mouth with a satisfying, meaty splat. Hot and spicy, it’s the perfect lunch.

Happiness in a cup!


3 responses to “Happiness Is….

  1. mmmmm I want to be there!!

  2. That IS happiness in a cup. So glad the rain has abated even for a day…

  3. Love the Ferry building:)

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