Dining Out

Lately I have not been cooking for myself and my kitchen has been littered with sad take-out boxes. Last fall I was injured during the wild festivities outside the Giants ballpark when we won the World Series (go Giants!). My sad souvenir to this joy was an injured shoulder. Please note, do not high-five strangers, especially 6’5″ drunk/high men. I know it’s straight out the Darwin Awards but here I am, unable to use my right arm for much of anything.

The good news is that I have great friends who invite me over for dinner and a bunch of mostly fabulous nights out dining at various hot spots in the City.

My dear friend Anna had me over for dinner on two especially memorable occasions, you can check out a feast of Indian food and a huge pulled pork pig-out.

I have also been on a quest to eat the best fried chicken in San Francisco, which I hope to share with you.

Also, my exploration of the best ramen in the Bay Area is well underway.  I am proud of myself as I can now eat ramen with chopsticks using my left hand.  High Five!  hahaha, no…

I am lucky to have good friends to cook for me and a wealth of restaurants to nourish me as I heal up from my “souvenir”.


2 responses to “Dining Out

  1. Have you tried Little Skillet or Farmer Brown? Rumor on the street is that they have some of the best damn fried chicken in town! Also, if you head to FB for chix & waffles, call me first!

    Excited to hear about good ramen places, ramen sounds so good! Right now!

    • They are on my list to try, along with a few more places. It sure has been fun to follow this quest, more later on the results!

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