Spring Forward with a Lamb CSA

When one thinks of Spring, lush green meadows filled with sprightly flowers and gamboling lambs come to mind. In my mind those sweet lambs are snuggled with garlic, rosemary and lemon in my roasting pan.

Hey, top of the food chain, baby!

One of my favorite stalls in the farmer’s market at the Ferry Building is 4505 Meats headed up by Ryan Farr. He’s a talented and conscientious butcher, his cuts of meat are excellent, his chicharonnes are crispy bits of pork love and his prepared foods are divine. You haven’t had a good cheeseburger unless you’ve tried his, and I can’t even find the words to describe his chicken jalapeño dogs “zilla-style”. Drool-worthy perhaps.

Ryan has been offering a meat CSA box and every time I have gone to sign up I have missed it by a day or so. Until last weekend – cue the choir of cherubim.

Last weekend the focus of the meat CSA box was lamb – tender, succulent cuts of lamby love and they are all mine!

Not that I need an excuse to visit the Saturday farmer’s market but last Saturday I was even more excited than usual to hop on the bus and have breakfast, shop and then pick up my CSA.

My CSA share came in an insulated bag with lots of bags of ice, and full to the brim with exciting goodies.


I was more than delighted as I delved into the goodie bag. The instruction card came with great details on how to prepare and serve each item. The quality of the lamb was exceedingly fine, well packaged and I cannot wait to start cooking them.

4505 Meat Lamb CSA Contents

  • Lamb bacon medallions
  • Lardo wrapped boneless leg of lamb
  • Lamb chops, nicely frenched
  • Porterhouse lamb chop
  • Chili citrus spice rub for the chops and porterhouse
  • A quart of lamb confit with sauteed onions, rosemary, caramelized garlic
  • A generous quart of lamb stock
  • 2 pounds of merguez sausage

Lamb collagelamb collage 2(lamb loot)

I decided to repackage the lamb confit as I don’t imagine I could possibly eat an entire quart of rich lamb confit, and, since I was doing this on Sunday morning, I set aside a good quarter cup for my breakfast.

The rest of the lamb and stock were stored securely in my capacious apartment freezer. Ha! I am a very clever packer and managed to fit everything in there and sadly (not) had to remove a box of macarons from La Boulange in order to get everything to fit.

Here is what I envision doing with these little treasures:
** Leg of lamb with roasted sweet potatoes
** Lamb chops with butter and the chili citrus rub and cauliflower
** Lamb porterhouse chop with the chili citrus rub over a frisee salad with a poached egg
** Scotch broth with the lamb stock amended with the bones from the porterhouse and rack of lamb, barley and a mirepoix
** An over the top breakfast one morning with hash made from Yukon gold potates, lamb bacon, sweet potatoes, onions and garlic, and poached eggs and tomatoes (if I can find them)
** Happy Hour at Home: Bulliet Manhattans with roasted eggplant and lamb confit, goat cheese and pita breads.

I have always loved lamb and have a great appreciate for its versatility, especially after learning how to refine my butchering skills with the session I had with Hank Shaw last Spring. If I had a larger freezer I would most certainly buy my own whole lamb and butcher it. It is a lot of work to butcher meat properly but it is more a question of refining ones skills and the investment of physical labor more than being “work”, if you know what I mean. Of course all of this will have to wait until I have the use of my right arm back. In the meantime I am going to toy with training myself to use a knife with my left hand. I am exceedingly ambidextrous so this might not take too long.

Meantime I had my little cat portion of lamb confit, it was breakfast time and so I made a gorgeous omlette with eggs from my Capay Farms CSA, goat cheese and whole wheat English muffins.


It was heavenly. I scarfed it down with a cup of Blue Bottle coffee and returned to bed for a very satisfying nap. Not a bad way to spend a Sunday morning.


9 responses to “Spring Forward with a Lamb CSA

  1. Wow. A lamb CSA is pretty spectacular. I haven’t eaten it for ages but I used to enjoy it once in a while. The marinated cuts and sausage look really good.

    • I’m looking forward to trying that sausage, I have a recipe for goat cheese stuffed lamb meatballs that is to die for…

  2. Barbie in the mtns

    It is going to be pretty silly trying to explain how my keyboard got all wet drooling over your description of the lamb CSA ! What marvelous bits of lamb delight.
    Tonight I am doing my version of shrimp bake in the great sauce with cheese. K is peeling and I am in charge of the sauce, etc. I’m slowly extending my up-time and the cooking is meeting with great smiles from my spouse.

    • Oh I love that shrimp bake! Please just take it easy, I wish I was up there to help you eat that, I mean help you cook it. Heh. By the way, I would like your Scotch broth recipe!

  3. I love lamb with all of my heart. Seriously? I’d choose a lamb chop over a steak any day. I wonder if we have a Lamb CSA in the tri-state area…

    • If you had the freezer space and a few friends to go in on it you should just buy one and butcher it up. Is there an East Coast version of our fabulous Hank Shaw? That was such a fun day!

  4. My husband Retweeted this just for me! @SPPerspective = hubby
    You are an awesome writer and the lamb CSA box sounds like heaven on earth! Food Porn Rules! On Twitter I am Astralsails.
    I will be following your blog! 🙂

    • Thanks for visiting! I’m following you on twitter now too. I love how it brings people together. Hope you get some lamb soon.

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