Conquering My Boggart

Each person has something they fear. My greatest fear is loneliness, I am afraid I will be an old lady alone with no one in my life but a cat, begging on the street. Lately I have seen an increasing number of elderly or seniors panhandling or begging and it breaks my heart to see them. And then that nasty rodent in my brain begins running on its wheel “You will be one of them one day”. There is only so much I can do financially to help the homeless and this month I am at my limit and can no longer give anything away other than tugs on my heartstrings.

I was speaking of this to my dear pal A___ and she reminded me of the Harry Potter book where the Hogwarts students learn to defeat a bogart by turning their worst fear into something funny. She suggested that I do this same exercise with my fear, sans magic.

Tomorrow, I’m having surgery and funnily enough my bogart has been vanquished through the warm arrow of friendship via offers for true help and company from all quarters, and love and support from family and friends who have been out of touch for years. My heart is warmed and is full. No room for bogarts here.

I will be back to regale you soon with tales of dining out, and hopefully of pudding.


Here’s to clear skies ahead.


6 responses to “Conquering My Boggart

  1. Remember that you are loved and NOT alone, Heather! You’re going to do great in surgery, & get back to normal in no time at all. 🙂

  2. You are never going to be… I can’t even say it! But just yell, and pudding is yours whenever you want it!

  3. Everyone does have their own fear. I do think saying it aloud is part of recognizing it and moving on though. You are going to continue being fantastic well into the future. Here’s to post-surgery healing pronto.

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