One-Handed Cooking


Finally after surgery my appetite has returned a bit. I still can’t eat much but it is a good feeling to have that little growl in the belly back.

I’m recuperating nicely and have been well taken care of by wonderful and amazing friends. As dear D___ said it is nice to have food bloggers as friends because they bring you chocolate pudding and other divine treats.

It is hard not to be in the kitchen and it’s literally been months since I’ve cooked anything of note and weeks since I’ve done anything but reheat things. This week I managed to unhook my frying pan from the rack and made myself the ultimate comfort food – grilled cheese.

Ah, grilled cheese, how I love you. The crispy buttery crust, my teeth biting through good bread then sinking into the hot melted cheese, wow. It really hits the spot.

Today I indulged myself using St. Pat’s cheese from Cowgirl Creamery, which has nettle and herbs on the soft bloomed rind that hides a triple cream buttery cheese made with Straus milk. I love this seasonal cheese so much! A big thank you to my office for sending me a cheesy goody box from Cowgirl.


On top of the slabs of gooey cheese I added shreds of leftover rotisserie chicken from the market over ruggedly sliced Acme sourdough. I jazzed my sandwich up a bit using Gewürzmühle salt from Navarro Vineyards, which imparted an earthy divine tang. Their rosé is amazing as are all of their wines and a glass would be terrific with this sandwich.

Just hearing that sizzle lifted my spirits immensely and made me feel that things are nearing normalcy.


It is a bit tricky cooking one-handed, like slicing bread and planing cheese, but it works. My new physical therapy this week is to wipe the table or counter with a sponge. The doc told me to practice my “wax on, wax off” moves, which made me giggle. So not only am I fending for myself it is also prescribed therapy and pretty soon I will know karate.

I munched down my melty lunch while reading the Saveur sandwich issue and dreamed about making something fabulous for an upcoming picnic with the Bay Area food bloggers.
Muffalata anyone? After cleaning up I took a nap for four hours, a combination of cheese coma and recuperating induced fatigue. Despite this it was a good start to returning to cook.

I think I need to try something with bacon tomorrow, don’t you? Another favorite of mine is thinly sliced apple and Tillamook extra sharp cheddar, a fabulous combination that I highly recommend you try. What are your favorite grilled cheese sandwich fillings, or do you prefer the classic?


6 responses to “One-Handed Cooking

  1. I’m so happy you’re getting enough strength back to cook, but enjoy the pampering, girl! It’s time to reap the benefits of the friendship you so freely give…

    • Thank you, I need to remember to not push it so much. Being pampered is really wonderful. Here’s a life lesson/dilemma, why is it easier to give than receive? That’s my problem anyway.

  2. You’re so lucky to have such good friends to take care of you! ❤
    I'm glad you cooked! Such an empowering act. Cheers!

  3. Don’t forget the family favorite and probably the first grilled cheese we had: grilled jack and green chilies on sourdough (Sonoma, Ortega, Franciscan)

    • Wow, I forgot about that combination. Remember I weirdly did not like chiles until I was older? I have those lovely Hatch chiles in the freezer. Thank you!

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