WWW: Wots of Wabbit Wuv

Happy Easter!


I finally returned to the Ferry Building farmer’s market today to do a tiny bit of shopping but mostly to pick up my meat CSA box for the month. Herewith the 4505 Meats Easter Basket, full of lots of rabbit love. WWW!

This is my second CSA box from Ryan Farr and his glorious team at 4505 Meats. Their Spring lamb CSA box was really amazing and I’m just now starting to eat it. Wow.

What a lovely spread of goodies. I love their hand-drawn labels.


I have long been a fan of rabbit. When I lived briefly in the country I had a neighbor lady who kept rabbits. Occasionally she would call me at work and ask if I wanted a rabbit and of course I always said Yes! I would come home and find a plastic bag full of ice packed around a carefully wrapped freshly butchered rabbit. Later I would pop by her house on my bike and pay her for the next few deliveries. There is a lot to be said for the country life!

My favorite ways to prepare rabbit are Jeff Smith’s rabbit and leeks or Julia Child’s broiled deviled rabbit.

Happily for me now though, Ryan has made it extremely easy for me and his other lucky customers to enjoy rabbit. All the prep is done and even I in my mostly one-handed-while-rehabbing state can easily prepare a delightful dinner.

The coolest 4505 Meats chill bag came stuffed with all of these Easter delicacies and an instruction card on how to cook and serve each savory treat.


To start is a pouch of ruby hued pickled spicy beets and eggs.


A generous bag of luscious rabbit shoulder confit on the bone, slow poached in delicious fat.


Dainty marinated carrots from their country line farm.


Romesco sauce, one of my personal favorites, to serve with the confit on crostini perhaps.


For the main courses, marinated rabbit leg in parsley, lemon and shallots, to be braised in rabbit stock.



A generous saddle of rabbit wrapped in belly to be roasted with olives and herbs.


Four plump rabbit and pork sausages with white wine and green garlic.


Just for fun they added homemade peep marshmellows, colored pink from beets and cut into cute rabbit shapes.


This seems more like two dinners worth but it will be quite the spread.

I can only anticipate how delicious these rabbity goodies will taste. I know that me and a few lucky friends are in for an amazing dinner very soon.

20110423-030007.jpg(my kitchen table)

Meantime, Happy Easter to you and your families!


6 responses to “WWW: Wots of Wabbit Wuv

  1. Barbie in the mtns

    What a wonderful dinner (or two). Well, I’m off to warm up the leftover short ribs. Thanks for reminding me what a wonderful cook you are!

  2. wish I was there to enjoy some of it with you!

  3. Beautiful, you have such good lighting in the dining room! Glad you’ve been out enjoying the weather. We must make some pickled something, yes?!

    • Yes, let’s make pickled carrots. A few years ago I came close to improving upon the pickled carrots at Tartine.

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