Pigging Out Pub-style

I have to say sometimes my life is pretty fantastic, like a week or so ago when I was asked to dinner to sample a whole smoked pig dinner. I love pork! 

Off I went to meet a few folks down in Ghirardelli Square, home of The Pub. Scott Broccoli, the owner at The Pub had a brilliant idea to smoke a suckling pig and serve it every Thursday.

After sipping a very nice Buffalo Trace bourbon at their bar our little group was ushered to a huge table. Scott, popped out of the kitchen holding a huge platter laden with a lacquered, glossy-skinned piggie. The head and legs were back in the kitchen because that enormous platter wasn’t big enough for all of it! He staggered to the edge of the table and talked about how he boned out the 75 pound pig and rubbed the meat with chopped garlic and herbs. The deboned pig cooks so much more evenly and prevents the meat from drying out from the hot smoke process.


Scott returned to the kitchen to carve up the pig and shortly the servers arrived with plates piled high with that succulent pork.

That plate was massive. There were huge slabs of pork loin, pork butt, pulled pork, pork belly, and the big prize of shatteringly crisp cracklings. There was a huge mound of sautéed corn with bacon, potato salad with bacon and a hunk of cornbread topped with a squiggle of honey.

The meat was well flavored from the smoking but so incredibly juicy and tender. The pork belly was enough to make me want to run into the kitchen and hug anyone who was serving up back there. the cornbread was better than mine, which is saying *a lot*! There was no way I could finish my plate and at $23.50 it is a huge value for that price.

So if you are craving a juicy smoked pork dinner get down to The Pub this (and every Thursday). Scott starts serving at 6:00 on and it is first come-first served. I hear he can smoke a pig to order with a week’s notice, shall we plan a picnic?

The Pub
Ghirardelli Square
851 Beach Street
San Francisco, CA 94109
(415) 351-0500


2 responses to “Pigging Out Pub-style

  1. Barbie in the mtns

    I haven’t had dinner yet and reading this pig dinner really makes my tummy rumble. There is nothing like this in the gold rush country. Thanks for the appetizing description.

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