Locavore Lunch

Today for lunch I decided to have foods that are only made locally, or to be specific, foods produced and sourced within 50 miles. We in San Francisco are so incredibly lucky to be able to find fabulous local fare with ease.

Time for lunch..

I strolled slowly down California Street to the Ferry Building and purchased a loaf of pain epi from Acme bread. It was still warm from the oven and its pointy tips were trying to poke out from its long, slender bag.

Next I stopped in next door to Cowgirl Creamery and consulted with the staff about local goat cheeses. In truth I purchased over $60 worth of cheeses but I was thinking ahead for the weekend. Well, truthfully, you must be very careful shopping at Cowgirl when you are hungry, unless you want to overindulge like I did!

My target wedge for lunch was a medium-ripe Truffle Tremor cheese, a rich goat cheese infused with chopped truffles with a bloomy, soft rind. The medium-ripe aspect presented itself with a ring of soft gooey cheese under the rind, and the center was firm but creamy.

My last stop was Boccalone where the charming Tatiana Graff helped me secure their “meat cone” or Salumi cone filled with a few slices of mortadella, salame and headcheese. I also picked up a personal sized pot of marinated olives. I also snagged a tub of their lard, not for lunch, mind you, but for a pie that I’m planning later in the week.

Fully laden I headed out to the back of the Ferry Plaza pier and found an empty bench overseen by grumpy seagulls.

I laid out my lunch goodies, found my picnic knife in my purse and dug in to my locavore lunch.

My lunch, and I'm not sharing.

The sun was strong but a light breeze fluffed my hair about my face.  Feathers of fog were soaring over the clock tower, which then struck the half hour and the Tiburon ferry zoomed off laden with tourists. In the distance I could see the massive fogbank near Treasure Island. Was it reaching or retreating? People were laughing and chatting, seagulls were screeching and faint drifts of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers playing at Hog Island mingled together for a pleasant hum of city life.

Lunch views

It’s amazing to me to realize most people in the city never look up, I watched the fog and the hands of the clock tower tick around, and then gazed in awe at a triad of pelicans flying soundlessly overhead. No one noticed but me.


8 responses to “Locavore Lunch

  1. hmm i thought it was cloudy out today, but then again i havent been outside since i got to work this morning. still, a bit chilly for me to go by the water, but thats def a pretty spot to eat or read, i’ve done it! 🙂

  2. Every time i try to do ferry bldg it takes a LONG time b/c i have to walk all the way there and back and wait, buy something, AND eat it. i couldnt even snatch lunch till 145 today i was so busy. i ran in a empty office and escaped w my sandwich and book! lol. so, 95% of the time, ferry bldg is too far for my 30 min lunch break. 🙂

  3. heather! this is a wonderful post–keep writing, I love your style!

  4. Sounds divine! Glad you take the time to “smell the flowers” and notice the beauty around you. Have a great day!

  5. For 15 months we lived right across the street at Rincon Towers. This was my favorite thing to do. Love the Ferry Building and surrounding space.

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