Drunken Gummi Bears

Gümmi bears, drunk and squishy

When I was a kid my sister and I loved Gummi bears, and one of her friends would have a family member bring in bags of them from Germany for us because they were not sold here. The horror!

Now we have so many different kinds of Gummis, worms, Smurfs and other craziness but my heart has always remained true to the classic Gummi. It wasn’t until earlier this year that I learned of the penultimate way to serve them.


You heard me. Drunken Gummi bears are the bomb.

After a few days of immersion in vodka they turn from the chewy and semi-rigid candy we love to chomp on into soft, squishy and highly alcoholic drunken bears. The vodka turns an unnatural pinky-Koolaid looking color, cloyingly sweet and with a viscosity that could be deemed either pleasant or unpleasant, dependent upon the specific quantity of consumption.

I prefer Sky vodka or Absolut for this concoction; simply dump a bagful of Gummi bears in a jar, top with vodka and let sit for a few days but no more than three days (based upon my highly scientific experimentation).

Chill the jar before serving and fish out the drunken Gummi bears with a slotted spoon. They are best eaten very cold with your fingers.

You will be shocked, simply shocked about how alcoholic they taste, and how delicious they are, sort of like mini no-work Jello shots. Any remaining vodka should be frozen and drunk in shots as a last resort or possibly as a dare. I did make a Gummi vodka Cosmopolitan once and sort of did not regret it.

Now go forth and make drunken Gummi bears if you have any left from your Halloween candy. And don’t say I didn’t warn you.


Update: Thanks to @AlwaysCookwWine aka Keely I am now making Rummy Bears, Gummi bears macerated in Puerto Rican rum. If only I could fast-forward to Friday!


4 responses to “Drunken Gummi Bears

  1. omg amazing. :-O gummi bears are my favorite things ever. i can’t imagine them drunk, i just can’t… YUM!

  2. interesting, sounds cute but maybe too kiddy for me. (which is shocking for me to say, since im usually a perpetual kid). id def have loved these tho when i was younger!

    • They are really sugary and our tastes change over the years, so if you are not so much into sugar now then these are not for you. They are fun if you have a party over, just for the novelty factor! I like the vodka ones much better than the Rummy bears.

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