It Really Was Easy Homemade Pizza

I know it is silly but I was a little nervous to try out my new pizza stone.

Maybe it’s because I have not cooked a lot during the past year due to my shoulder, which still hurts a lot, and maybe my cooking mojo has left me after this hiatus?

I am now just strong enough to lift the beautiful fire-engine red glazed stone onto the oven rack, and because space in my tiny kitchen is at a premium, that’s where it needs to live unless I’m cooking something else.

So the stone is already in the oven, making the dough was extremely easy and it was ready and waiting for me in a snug tub in the fridge, exhaling in its Demi Moore yeasty voice, “Bake me, now!”.

I already had sauce, basil and cheese, so I just ignored my baseless trepidations and gave it a go. I turned on the oven to 500 F and tried not to worry so much.

I rolled out the dough, let it relax for 5 minutes before its final shaping, and swirled on the sauce with a back of a spoon. The mozzarella was the good, bobbing in a tub of water kind of cheese from Bellweather Farms, so I let the slices drain on some paper towels while the oven heated up.

I had procrastinated for quite a while and my sprightly bunch of basil was getting rather limp and tired (like me on a Friday night) but I managed to salvage enough to snip over the top of my little pizza.

Lacking a peel I used the back of a cookie sheet and, surprisingly, I had no problem sliding the pie onto the stone.

I slammed the oven door, set the timer and said a few words of encouragement, maybe to me or maybe to the oven, I’m not really sure which, but mumbling to myself I sloshed out a glass of water from my filter jug and relaxed for 15 minutes.

I peeked at the halfway point and gave the pizza a little shove with a spatula. Hey, what do you know, it looked pretty good! And, it smelled like pizza.



Funny how the color of the stone’s glaze deepened to a dark maroon, isn’t that interesting?

After 15 minutes the crust was browned and blackened in spots and the cheese had melted and browned too.

It smelled amazing.

Using my big spatula the pizza slid right off the hot stone on to my waiting tray, like a skier coming off a run, whoosh, a perfect landing!

I had to admit I was impressed.


The new pizza cutter worked like a hot knife through butter, cutting through the crisp bottom crust while not disturbing the toppings.

I showered on some grated Parmesan and added a few spurts of sriracha sauce, and proceeded to eat the entire thing.

Pizza at home, as good as your sweetest fancy pants pie from a hipster pizza restaurant in the Mission, in 15 minutes with no dishes to wash and the only person I had to tip was me.

Now I need to buy more flour, and more cheese!

My next pizza should have some different toppings though, please share with me your favorite combinations..


12 responses to “It Really Was Easy Homemade Pizza

  1. OK, you’ve inspired me to pull out our never used pizza stone and give it a whirl. That looks amazing!

    • The only part that gave me pause was trying to slide the raw pizza onto the stone. I need to buy a cookie sheet that doesn’t have a rim, or a pizza peel. The one I used this time had a rim so it was a tiny bit nerve wracking. Next payday I will get a peel. Heh.

  2. This looks really good! Pizza is a weakness of mine and the toughest part of dedicating myself to veganism. However, I’ve grown to love pizza with pesto, a good tomato sauce, and veggies!

    • Thanks for visiting, Sarah! Although I haven’t tried soy mozzerella I do really like the pepper jack soy cheese – from the days when I couldn’t tolerate any dairy. Of course a big obsession of mine is just tomato sauce and green onions, like the focaccia from Liguria Bakery.

      • ohmygooseness

        The tomato sauce and green onions sounds good! Not so sure about the pepper jack soy cheese though. I tried daiya vegan cheese — yuck! And that was the end of me and fake cheese, Lol.

  3. This pizza looks so tasty. Think I know what I’ll be having for dinner tonight. My favourite topping is chicken, chorizo, mozzarella and rocket 🙂

  4. Favorite topping: long-smoked pulled pork, sauteed onions & homemade barbecue sauce!

  5. So, I’m stoneless still, but the cast iron worked great. And it was a little disconcerting how much cheaper it is at home. (But I still miss patxi’s.) I think next week is going to be bbq pulled pork or chicken (when I’m lazy I pull apart a rotisserie chicken and add bbq sauce), with some smoked mozzarella. Or – corn salsa with chorizo.

  6. I do hope you tipped yourself! 😉 I could see putting a tip jar in the kitchen–but I’d draw the line at comment cards. 😉

    • Hi Erin! That’s so funny, I think I will add a tip jar, it’s just me so all tips are extra special, haha! I just bought more flour so pizza is back on the menu again!

  7. Homemade pizza sounds yummy! I’m a little stuck on Little Star pizza right now though..mmm..

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