Nespresso Me

I live in the land of amazing coffee and the amount of coffee paraphernalia that has piled up in my tiny apartment is nothing short of astonishing.

I have a drip coffee machine, piles of unbleached brown filters, a gold filter, a coffee grinder, a Moka pot, an Aero press, two French presses, a vintage 1985 Braun espresso machine, a Turkish coffee pot and Turkish coffee grinder and a manual milk frother.

The weekend rolls around and I am still not satisfied with my home coffee. I get tired of going out to get a coffee and don’t have time to make a cup before I go to work. Sigh.

Then along comes a merger in my company with a French firm and every other office, except ours, gets Nespresso machines and some of our senior staff asked why don’t we have one?

Well, I’m working on this for the firm but I started thinking about me, what about my coffee needs??

I want need a decent coffee apparatus that is fast and is of very high quality. I can’t afford the Breville espresso machine and burr grinder I have been lusting after ever since my pal A___ got one nor do I have the physical room for them, but I do have room for a Pixie!

Say hello to my little friend.


Happily, Williams Sonoma was having a sale and I rather indulged in an impulse purchase of an electric green Nespresso Pixie with the Aeroccino Supreme automatic milk frother at a pretty discounted price.


Like many who are culinarily obsessed I get mad crushes on my new gadgets, but never like this. I am really in love with my Nespresso machine.

Yesterday I made my first espresso in my vintage Block demitasse cup. It was divine.


The aroma that filled The Roost, the immediate “rats tail” of coffee that hissed out of the machine, the thick crema that formed and made eyes in my cup, it was pure magic.

This morning I made a cappuccino and it was ready in under 45 seconds.

The frother made the best foam I have seen in a coffee shop or by my own efforts in quite a while, silently and quickly. I pushed the button, looked away, and it was done. The Pixie has a feature to customize the flow of water so I set it to fill to the perfect level in my Ittalia beaker.



I sat at my little table for a few minutes, sprinkled bronzed grains of Demererra sugar over the creamy foam floating in my mug, stirred and sipped. I haven’t felt this level of contentment in the morning in a very long time.

Best of all my little break did not delay my morning routine. I am not a morning person and need an earthquake to get me out of bed. I mean this literally, we had an earthquake this week! Yet these past two days I have looked forward to getting up.

This evening I had a decaf espresso with a splash of bourbon and it was pretty amazing and comforting on this clear but chilly night. I need to get a lemon tomorrow because my favorite after meal espresso is one with a baton of lemon peel, twisted over the coffee and rubbed along the cup’s rim to release the lemon oil.

A word about the coffee itself. The little pods come in 16 different blends of coffee ranging in intensity, region and style. I haven’t yet tried them all but I am pretty picky about my coffee, my favorite being Blue Bottle, and am quite pleased with the strength, acidity and fruit so far from the Nespresso pods.

The pods themselves are BPA free and recyclable. The Pixie warms up in around 20 seconds and has some elegant features like a hidden receptacle for the empty pods and a removable water reservoir. It flashes a cool soft blue light along its front while it warms up or glows red when it wants more water. This is easy on the sleep-fogged brain no doubt, such clever designers.

The Aeroccino can make foam for cappuccino or lattes heated to the perfect temperature and also makes non-heated foam for iced drinks and has a non-stick interior. If you have ever foamed milk you will appreciate this particular feature as scrubbing off cooked milk from the pitcher and stem of the steaming wand is an unlovely chore.

Like I said, I’m rather gaga over my new machine.

I can’t wait until morning!

I was not compensated for writing this nor did I receive anything for free from Nespresso or Williams Sonoma. I am simply thrilled with the products and wanted to share my joy with you all. Santé!


7 responses to “Nespresso Me

  1. And now you know why I stay out of Williams Sonoma. 😀 I would have had to make off with one of those little beauties, too. Sounds divine!

    • I really went in there to look at their sale linens, smelled coffee and was a goner. You should see the orange one.

  2. Fancy! I would totally want this if I were a coffee person!! I love that foam!

    • The frother is also great for masala chai and hot cocoa. I’m making cocoa tonight I think!

      • yup i love chai lattes. or even frothy iced coffee maybe? (i only like iced coffee…oddly enough!) i have a hand frother at home..rarely use it..

  3. oh my. I’ve been lusting over that pixie, and now you have me obsessing over having frothy coffee! what gorgeous looking cups of coffee…

    • I am so happy with it! I also got a commercial sized one for the office and everyone is so cheerful now, heh heh.

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