One-Handed Chicken Enchiladas

I am back to cooking one-handed again after another accident on the bus. Friday night I was heading home from work on the bus, looking out the window and thinking of my fun weekend plans, when out of the blue a largish woman falls on me at full weight, crushing me and my poor wounded shoulder. The pain was inexpressible.

A very dear friend, D___, rescued me and took care of me this weekend, keeping me packed in frozen peas, dosed with Vicodin and good coffee and keeping my spirits up. Her sweet boy was such a joy to be with too and he volunteered to help me with my chores, all on his own. I’m such a lucky gal, when it comes to my friends.

Happily the shoulder is just sprained and the feeling in my hand should return within the week. I should be able to go back to work tomorrow. After about a month I should feel much better but a girl can’t live on Wing Wings alone, so I gave cooking the old college try and cobbled up quite the decent dinner.

It is hard to keep the blues away at a time like this but having a decent meal to eat always helps, so here are my Sandra Lee-like one-handed chicken enchiladas.


Thanks to D___ helping me shop at Costco and Molly Stones I have some provisions, so I pulled out the crockpot.

So what if I couldn’t pick it up off the floor, I put a dish towel under the crockpot and tipped in a packet of chicken thighs from Costco – about 5 thighs, boneless – about a cup of Primavera’s chipotle salsa and a packet of shockingly expensive pre-chopped vegetables from the market – their cacciatore mix of onion, peppers and a mushroom.

They cooked for about two hours and I was able to use the spatula to break them into small chunks. My friend S___, who gifted me with this crockpot and about 50 pounds of bacon over the years, has been extolling me with the joys of salsa crockpot chicken and she is a genius. The chicken was perfectly savory without me straining myself in any fashion.

I put the chicken mixture in the fridge and managed to hoist the dirty pot into the sink. Tonight I poured off the juices into a skillet and reduced them to almost a syrup, then added the succulent chicken and tender veggies in to be warmed up.

I managed to grate some Dubliner cheese, also from Costco, and warmed up two green chile corn tortillas from the market in the microwave. I filled them with the chicken mixture, folded them over and sprinkled the cheese over the top. They were microwaved again for 90 seconds until the cheese was melted. I added more fresh salsa from the market and set to with enthusiasm.

I will deal with the dishes later and am resting now with my frozen pea ice packs. It was a bit ambitious and not exactly homemade but given my circumstances it was a wonderful meal.

I can see making up a big quantity of this chicken for an enchilada party or to have in the freezer. Tomorrow night I’m going to cook some brown rice, add a drop of sherry to the chicken as it warms up and serve it cacciatore style. Who says leftovers can’t be interesting?

I would like to thank all of my friends and family, and especially my mOm, D__ and her son and A___, for all of their help and support over the past 14 months as I heal from my shoulder injuries. “They” say third times the charm so hopefully I can heal up once and for all.


6 responses to “One-Handed Chicken Enchiladas

  1. aw you have bad luck i hope you feel better. this actually happened to a prior roommate i had. he was (is) not that big, and one day on the bus or the subway, a larger lady fell on him as well. he had to do physical therapy for his injuries, i think his arm was sprained or something too, it was in a sling. i guess the muni is dangerous.

  2. Barbara in the mtns

    Your picture of the finished dinner looks so yummy. You have more talent with one hand than I have in all hands and feet! Part of the lessons in cookery show how to prepare a dinner using ready prep items as well as your own imagination to make fabulous meals. You are great!

    • Why thank you, having this injury is causing me to get pretty creative. Wonder what else I can do in the crockpot now!

  3. I can’t believe this was done with one hand! It looks scrumptious! Hope you feel better soon!

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