A Lot of TLC

It’s been a tough week. Pogo is gone, my surgery day came the next day and I was so happy to have a dear friend scoop me up and take me to her home for some TLC and good company.

I learned to use my scooter and to sleep with one leg hiked up in the air, to go to the loo and never touch my right foot to the floor (much trickier than you would think, try it sometime!) and to catnap in between pain pills.

I learned that Costco has the best leakproof thermal cups ever and bubbly water is the perfect drink when one is feeling squiffy. It is possible to live on saltines and candied ginger for quite a few days. I’ve learned enough physical pain mutes the heartbreak of losing my best furry friend, a tiny bit, for a little while.

I learned that a really, really good friend is one who waits at the pharmacy for an hour for stronger pain medication and then dabs anti itch stuff on your horrifyingly-similar-to-mosquito-bites rash the medication subsequently gives you without freaking out. It’s been a week of learning, of humility and of the love of a good friend. This is what friends do for another and it is a beautiful gift.

Suddenly though I was hungry and nothing tastes better than toast with peanut butter and Biscoff spread, hot tea then hot coffee and eventually chicken soup. Then, I was treated to a succession of lovely meals, small for my puny appetite, but so tasty that they instantly cheered me up while providing healing nutrition. All made while simultaneously refilling water cups, rearranging mounds of pillows, dispensing the much needed pain pills, gently applying ice packs and more dabbing of the anti itch stuff. Angel status achieved.


The new footwear.


Gyoza is fantastic, particularly at sunset.


Sometimes one can ask for a grilled cheese sandwich at breakfast, and get it.


Sometimes bonus bacon comes with it. Yay, bacon!


Yakisoba can be faked quite successfully with linguini, it’s called fusion!


And sometimes, cheese in a can tastes damned good. I know, but don’t judge…

Soon I will be home eating out of the freezer so I am treasuring these quiet times filled with TLC. A thank you seems inadequate but I do thank you, D___.

(Plus this…)



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