Salmon BLT Revisited

A few years ago my dear friend Laura shared her salmon BLT recipe which is so divine, especially during tomato season.

I made it a bunch of times and then sadly it slipped from my recipe rotation until last week when Anna emailed me and said that she saw it on my blog and wanted to make the salmon BLT and that the post deserved a picture. Salmon BLTs, what a wonderful idea! Tomatoes are just starting to come into season now here in San Francisco so it is perfect time.

I had physical therapy that day and Deb ferried me over and back and to thank her I had invited her to stay for dinner, so invited Anna to come over for dinner too so we could have a BLT party with the girls.

Deb and I went to the grocery store and picked up a few necessary items and Anna came over later with salmon and gorgeous ripe tomatoes from our favorite produce shop. Since I’m still really laid up with this stupid ankle surgery Anna and Deb got busy in the kitchen. They cracked open several bottles of wine and cooked and joked while I lounged around with ice packs on my foot while they made the best dinner ever.

It’s kind of a weird feeling to have people cook for you in your own home when I’m usually the one that’s preparing everything and being (or at least trying to be) the perfect hostess for my friends but it’s also a wonderful treat and a wonderful gift to have friends come over and take such good care of me when I’m needing a lot of extra help.

They laid out the wonderful Acme herb slab bread and roasted the salmon briefly in the convection oven while the bacon cooked and the tomatoes and lettuce were prepared.

Sadly I cannot eat eggs at the moment, or perhaps forever, so I did not have any mayonnaise in the house so there was a great discussion on what should be spread on the bread instead. Should they use butter or mustard or should there be something else. Happily I had a wonderful jar of French tarragon mustard in the fridge from Williams-Sonoma that cost the earth and I also had a jar of this delicious spread by Stonewall Kitchen, a balsamic onion garlic jam.

The sandwich was prepared and boy was it a beauty.20120701-193645.jpg

The majority of the loaf of bread was sliced in half leaving a mere 4 inch piece left for another day. It was warmed through in the convection oven while the salmon rested, then spread with the tarragon mustard one one side and balsamic onion jam on the other. The succulent roasted salmon was spread on top and then layered thickly with slices of perfectly crisp bacon. The other half was layered with crisp lettuce, juicy local tomatoes and mild red onions, sliced thinly.

After much laughter somehow the gals managed to put the two halves together without it falling all over the kitchen floor, a true miracle. The massive salmon BLT was then cut into thirds and then again into halves and heaved on the plates. I could not believe the size of these massive sandwiches, each one must’ve been at least 8 inches across.

Anna had brought over some of her amazing Russian pickles that have been left to sit with garlic so they were highly perfumed with the allium;they were some of the most delicious pickles I have ever crunched.

It was pretty quiet in The Roost while we ate these sandwiches and they disappeared with alacrity.


It was so extremely satisfying to have two of my dearest friends piled on the bed with me while we munched on these amazing sandwiches and watched silly television and laughed and joked about everything. We had serious discussions and fun discussions and it was just the perfect night at home; my heart and my stomach were full and happy.

The recipe is here I hope you give it a try yourself while fresh wild caught salmon and local tomatoes are in season.


2 responses to “Salmon BLT Revisited

  1. Yum! And funny, my friend ordered a salmon BLT at a restaurant the other day when when we went to lunch. I’m sure yours was LOTS better though! 🙂

    • When it’s made with love it always tastes better! That said if I could get one delivered right now I’d be so happy!

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