Happiness Is… Fresh Buns

I’m picnicking on my bed after my one year post-surgery checkup, icing my ankle and having an impromptu supper of fresh buns and tea.

Happiness is…. a giant sourdough bun as big as my hand can hold, cracklingly crisp on the outside and moist and cool on the inside, smeared with raspberry jam.


There are about 2 tablespoons of jam left in my jampot and I am making the most of them, dolloping it onto hunks then swiping the inside with shreds of soft bread.


Crumbs dot the inside of my magazine. My pants are dusted with flour and so is my chin and I just don’t care at the moment. Each chewy and sweet bite is heaven, pure happiness.


These buns are from a loaf called a Magdalene, balls of sourdough are beautifully formed into pull-apart buns baked today at a Bay Bread on Pine, now taken over by La Boulange.

Grasping one bun firmly I pull and twist and then split it open a bit to smell the sweet tang of the sourdough center.


All too soon only a bite is left, then none. I sip my tea and feel so grateful and nourished by my simple supper.


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