Farmer’s Market Delivered

It’s so nice to have groceries in The Roost! With some of my extra money I splurged on some beautiful vegetables and fruits for my birthday week, straight from the farmers markets via Good Eggs.

Doing anything in the kitchen with the scooter takes extra time and effort, but I managed to put together a large tray of cherry and early girl tomatoes in the oven with garlic and olive oil to slow roast, eventually destined for the freezer.


I’m thinking of what to do next week with the eggplants, some sweet peppers, spring onions and goat cheese. I bought a couple bunches of chard and kale to cook up and bring to work for lunches with quinoa and fresh herbs.

For dinner tonight, I treated myself to a package of fresh local sardines. After a little bit of rest I’m going to go split them and clean them, season them up with some beautiful baby white onions and mint and bake them according to Becky’s Selengut’s recipe from her book, The Good Fish.

For dessert I have raspberries and some yogurt and honey and that will make a very nice ending to a beautiful meal.

But first, a tisane of mint and lemon verbena and perhaps a nap while I wait for the tomatoes to finish in the oven. It already smells really good in here and I’m really tired from a very long and stressful week. I received so many lovely greetings and contributions to my fundraising effort*, so this was probably the most wonderful birthday have ever had.

*Last week while on the bus, I was injured by another passenger in a motorized wheelchair, setting back my recovery from ankle surgeries only for a week (fortunately my big boot saved me from serious harm). Everyone was horrified to hear about this accident but I had run out of money to take taxis to and from work and to my PT appointments. My wonderful friends encouraged me to set up a GoFundMe account and within a few days I had received almost double the amount of money I needed to see me through the next month of transportation costs. I’ve been waiting for an appointment to get considered for paratransit, a process through the City of San Francisco which takes forever.

Thanks to all of these wonderful, kind and generous people, I don’t have to worry about getting around safely for a while, and I have enough money for groceries and laundry. I’m such a lucky woman, I never had the courage to ask for help before and it was really hard, but I’m so very grateful to everyone for their support.

Thank you, thank you so much.

“Help For Heather”


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