hal’s Negroni

This is not rocket science, but this is my favorite Negroni recipe. It’s pErfect for cranky difficult nights.


hal’s Negroni

A cocktail shaker half filled with ice
1 jigger Campari
1 jigger red Cinzano, or another sweet red vermouth that is more upscale like Amaro.
1 1/2 jiggers of gin -my current gin is St George’s Terroir
A few shreds of orange peel

Put everything into the cocktail shaker except the orange peel, shake it like hell, pour into a martini glass, add the orange zest and get over your cranky day.

This makes enough for two cocktail glasses full for yourself, or if you’re feeling nice, sharing with a good friend. Repeat this until the crankiness fades away, like the aroma of orange zest on your palate.


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