Tapioca Pudding

This is the family recipe for tapioca pudding.  It’s not the kind you find premade in the grocery store. This is fluffy tapioca pudding.  There is a story behind every family recipe.  I have fond memories of my Granny making this for me, or even Grandpa bringing over a bowl with the funny “panty waist” bowl cover and being told this was a treat just for me because I was under the weather.   Although the recipe makes a lot it won’t last long.  I have brought over a full recipe for a friend who was under the weather and heard, “wow, that is a lot of pudding”, and then the next day received a plaintive call, “Heather, I am out of pudding!!”.  Heh heh.

Tapioca Pudding (x2)

2/3 c sugar  + 4 T sugar for egg whites
4 c whole milk
6 T tapioca (shake box first)
2 eggs, separated
2 T vanilla
dash salt

Mix tapioca and sugar.  Add milk and beaten egg yolks and let stand 5 minutes.  Cook on medium heat until mix comes to a full, rolling boil, stirring constantly.  Remove from heat.  Beat egg whites with sugar to stiff peaks, and fold gently into hot tapioca mix.  Stir in vanilla.   After 15 minutes, fold pudding again.  Repeat until pudding is cool enough to go into the fridge.  Eat while warm or chilled.


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