Grilled Oysters on the BBQ (with Fondue of Butter)

Grab a group of your friends and a sack of oysters and have a party!  Here’s how to make my favorite BBQ party dish.

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Grilled Oysters on the BBQ (with Fondue of Butter)

Fresh oysters in the shell
Lemons, cut into wedges
Fondue of Butter for Seafood – recipe here

Mesquite charcoal
An oyster knife or a sturdy paring knife or a church key
A pile of clean dish towels or potholders

Fire up the BBQ with the mesquite charcoal and wait until the charcoal is covered with white ash.

Place the oysters on the grilling rack leaving about 3″ of space between each one, you can do as many as 15/20 at a time, depending upon the size of your grilling surface and how many helpers you have. Place rounded side of the oyster down on the grilling rack and watch them. After a few minutes liquid will start to bubble and burst out of the shell.

At this point, remove them from the heat with tongs and using a towel or hot pad and an oyster knife it is quite easy to slide the knife between the two shells. Remove the top (flat) shell and discard, and cut the oyster free from its curved bottom shell.

It’s much easier opening oysters this way than trying to pry them open for a raw bite. If you ever watch an oysterman or a chef at a raw bar open oysters you must understand just how physically tough they are.

Now, return the oyster in its open shell back onto the grill and dollop in a little sauce and watch them again.  Remove the oyster from the grill when the sauce is bubbly. Repeat until everyone is full. If you are grilling for more than 30 minutes you will need to add a few more pieces of charcoal to the bed of coals to keep the heat going – I bank them along one side of the grill and move away the oysters from the live flame.

You can also grill sliced potatoes, asparagus, and sourdough bread (to slather with the Fondue of Butter) for a complete meal.

Serves the multitudes of just a few good friends.


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