Vegetables, Salads and Sides

I can never get enough vegetables, in fact, I like to serve at least two vegetable dishes per meal.  Included in these recipes are potatoes, as a sweet Southern waitress in North Carolina told me potatoes are vegetables, dahrlin’!

Anna’s Braised Cabbage

Boston Baked Beans

Celeriac a Le Central

Chive Cream Salad Dressing

Deborah Madison’s Skillet Potatoes with Sage and Tallegio Cheese

Easy Farro Pilaf

Fast and Easy Caesar Salad Dressing

Gigandes Plaki – Greek Baked White Beans

Granny’s German Potato Salad

Gratineed Leeks and Chard Stems

Herbivoracious Stuffed and Layered Polenta

Lemon Tarragon Vinaigrette

Melitzanosalata – Greek Eggplant Salad/Dip

Red Quinoa Pilaf with Garlicky Greens

Roasted Fennel Salad with Blackberries and Gorgonzola

Roasted Quince (perfect to add to a salad)

Shiso Salad Dressing

Sour Cream Biscuits

Sunny Stuffed Greek Peppers

Tomato Herb Tartine

White Bean Hummus

Zucchini Tiger Salad


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