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Wordless Wednesday

…or why I love living in San Francisco……

Major Buddah
You just never know what you will run across, by turning a corner…


Food Torture – Easter Edition

Yes, folks, it is time once again for food torture at Easter time…

Behold, Peep torture:

And there is more….

How to make a ham feel very foolish:

Now, to calm yourself after such unpleasantness, here are some happy pictures:

Birds off the back terrace:

And a dusting of snow for Easter:

Please note that snow is such a rarity in California, hence the excitement! If you look really closely at the mountain ridge across the valley you will see a sugar dusting of snow.

Happy Easter!



I am unraveling a sweater I have spent the last month working on every day.

Edie cardie day 1

When I first started knitting it, I didn’t make up the correct size and when I was a third of the way finished with it I realized my error and unraveled it.  Gamely, I started again, this time making the correct size, and when I finished the body of the sweater I began having doubts.  The design of the sweater didn’t appear like the picture in how it draped across the body, but, again, gamely, I forged ahead with the sleeve.  When I was almost done with the first sleeve and trying on the sweater for the third or eighth time, I realized that the design of the sweater just wasn’t flattering.  I checked other people’s projects on Ravely, and realized that none of the completed sweaters really looked good on their bodies either.  Instead of investing more time into a sweater that wouldn’t compliment me, I decided to unravel the whole thing.  Sitting with the beautiful fabric in my lap, unraveling, I began to feel quite emotional.  I feel like everything I attempt is a failure.  Everything I try to do unravels in the end and I am left with great building blocks of what I could do, or could make, or could become, but really, all the effort I expended has resulted in – nothing.  I feel as I unravel this sweater, that I am in fact unraveling my entire life back to the beginning, back to nothing but potential.

Are you ever haunted by a word, by a word like potential?  It has been given to me at various points of my life, from childhood school assessments, to work performance reviews, to comments from friend and loved ones.  She has “potential”.  You question yourself, “am I living up to my potential?”   I look at gorgeous balls of yarn and see the potential in them.  I see myself wearing a beautiful sweater that I made myself and feeling the satifaction that I have made something that lived up to the potential of the thing.  Sometimes, though, I just cannot achieve anything that meets the potential that I envision.  Then I begin to fear starting a project because I have this niggling feeling that it won’t be as good as I want it to be. I will always look at the finished product and think, “it’s okay but it’s not what I had hoped for”.  Then, worst of all, I won’t even start something new because I know it will never be right.  My art supplies sit fallow in a box, the clean paper unmarked, the yarn unknit.  This fear of failure at the start is my greatest failure.

How does one overcome fear of not living up to ones potential?  Or breaking past the fear of even starting?

I do not know the answer to this, as I sit here, unraveling.

Wordless Wednesday…. A Sign of the Tines..

(eat real food)

Happiness is…..

…. A day spent with a good friend…

…. Filling my eyes with every shade in the spectrum and my hands with the soft, pettable, fuzzy goodness of beautiful yarns at Stitches West.

…. Sneaking into the back of the room to listen to my friends chorale rehearsal.

…. The delight in hearing from a long-lost friend.

…. Filling my life with beautiful, happy things, people and experiences, a well-needed respite from the swirl of unhappiness that seems so prevalent.

…. Having the good fortune to have these positive experiences.

Gong hay fat choy! Happy New Year!

(two of my favorite happy things)

Sometimes I Don’t Know What Gets Into Me….

You know by now that I have an obsession with chicken. (See here.  And here.)   Now this obsession is heading to a new level of wackiness.

I have decided to enter Twisted Oak Wineries “Culinary Cluck” contest.

An excerpt from the announcement of the contest:

culinary cluck


CULINARY CLUCK is a recipe and wine pairing competition with a Twist. As well you might expect!
An entry to CULINARY CLUCK includes a recipe, a Twisted Oak suggested wine pairing, and a picture of the finished product.

Your recipe must either
a. be a recipe that contains (real) chicken; or,
b. be a recipe that looks like a (rubber) chicken when prepared.

Your wine pairing suggestion must be for a Twisted Oak wine from any vintage.

And by “picture” we mean any visual presentation: a single photo, a drawing or painting, a slide show, an album, or a video. (You can have a soundtrack but it isn’t required.)


My comment:

pastry chicken

(Picture courtesy of El Jefe website)

How anyone can top that pastry rubber chicken, I dunno, but I’ve got my thinking cap on!!!!
Posted by: Heather in SF | September 18, 2009 at 09:14 PM

I have faith that you will come up with something!
Posted by: El Jefe | September 21, 2009 at 12:46 PM

How can I let El Jefe down?

How can I top that pastry chicken??

Stay tuned….

Wordless Wednesday… NRFC


(A field trip to visit USS Hornet, CV12, now a floating museum at NAS.  The Grey Ghost.)

New Message

(View of San Francisco off the stern)

New Message

(A VC8, getting a little pampering)

New Message

(On board in the forecastle, port side below the hangar deck. Only just slightly spooky.)

New Message

(Wilson, the Hornet Mascot! Lovingly tended by the docents. A portion of the teak flight deck, grass seed deposited by birds and taken root, and re-potted with love. A symbol of the new life of the Hornet.)

Wordless Wednesday….

…. views from the country….