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Asparagus and Potato Tart for a Party

It was the 4th of July and I was in such a happy mood! I was having a lot of fun around that time, walking all around town with no pain, meeting fabulous new people, seeing friends I love dearly, and just enjoying my life.

On the 4th, some dear friends had a potluck for the holiday, and I wanted to bring something absolutely beautiful and yet utilize what I had in my pantry.

As I assessed my inventory, I found a lovely sheet of puff pastry in the freezer, I have some beautiful Yukon Gold potatoes, some fresh herbs, and Gruyere cheese. I went off to the store and bought some additional fresh produce and things for the weekend and picked up a bundle of asparagus.

The morning before the party, I fired up the oven and boiled the potatoes, and once they were cool I sliced them and seasoned them well with Kosher salt. Meantime, I rolled out the puff pastry and cut it into a square, then created edges with the scraps. I brushed the bottom of the pastry inside the square with a little mustard, followed by some sour cream.

The sliced potatoes went on next, followed by a hearty layer of Gruyere, then the asparagus which were topped with a little more cheese, salt and pepper, and some leaves of fresh thyme.  30 minutes later, it looked perfect!

The party was a really fun time, seeing my friends and having a foggy and drizzly afternoon celebrating our country’s 240th birthday!  The tart was a huge success and was quickly decimated to crumbs. We escaped the fog after the food was devoured into the warm house with large glasses of bourbon to spur our conversations.  I plan to make this tart again for a picnic this weekend, hope you try it sometime too!


Recipe:  Asparagus, Potato and Gruyere Cheese Tart



Party Flatbreads

My friends C___ and D___ had a party this weekend to celebrate C___’s birthday, their wedding anniversary and the anniversary of moving to their condo. What a fun trio of occasions!

I had splurged on a purchase of the best mozzarella on the planet, from Angelo and Franco, a whole BBQed chicken and racks of ribs from Sneaky’s Underground BBQ and with the haul from some recent grocery forays I realized I had some great ingredients in the pantry to make flatbreads for the party.




Using a dough recipe from Artisan Pizza and Flatbreads, I mixed up a batch of dough and had enough for three flatbreads for the party plus enough for home dinners for the next two weeks.

I made three flatbreads:

  • Marinated grapes in herbs and olive oil, goat cheese and pecans
  • Brown tomatoes, mozzarella, basil and olive oil
  • BBQ chicken mixed with BBQ sauce, red onions, Gruyere

  • Each flatbread baked in about 15 minutes and were topped with a sprinkle of Maldon crunchy sea salt when they came out of the oven. They were perfect with the variety of white and red Rhone style wines my friends poured. Warm or at room temperature, we scarfed them down.

    If you think outside the box any leftover or ingredient can be made into a flatbread or a pizza. To me, the difference between a flatbread and a pizza has to do with tomato sauce; dough with tomato sauce is a pizza, anything else is a flatbread. They’re both equally delicious! A local Indian place is making flatbreads with curry sauce and tandoori chicken, it’s fantastic and I am bitter they don’t deliver to my neighborhood.

    Tonight I am making myself a BBQ chicken flatbread just for me for dinner, the oven is preheating now and I can’t wait.

    For other pizza toppings ideas, check out my Sharknado pizza party! What would you make?

    Drunken Gummi Bears

    Gümmi bears, drunk and squishy

    When I was a kid my sister and I loved Gummi bears, and one of her friends would have a family member bring in bags of them from Germany for us because they were not sold here. The horror!

    Now we have so many different kinds of Gummis, worms, Smurfs and other craziness but my heart has always remained true to the classic Gummi. It wasn’t until earlier this year that I learned of the penultimate way to serve them.


    You heard me. Drunken Gummi bears are the bomb.

    After a few days of immersion in vodka they turn from the chewy and semi-rigid candy we love to chomp on into soft, squishy and highly alcoholic drunken bears. The vodka turns an unnatural pinky-Koolaid looking color, cloyingly sweet and with a viscosity that could be deemed either pleasant or unpleasant, dependent upon the specific quantity of consumption.

    I prefer Sky vodka or Absolut for this concoction; simply dump a bagful of Gummi bears in a jar, top with vodka and let sit for a few days but no more than three days (based upon my highly scientific experimentation).

    Chill the jar before serving and fish out the drunken Gummi bears with a slotted spoon. They are best eaten very cold with your fingers.

    You will be shocked, simply shocked about how alcoholic they taste, and how delicious they are, sort of like mini no-work Jello shots. Any remaining vodka should be frozen and drunk in shots as a last resort or possibly as a dare. I did make a Gummi vodka Cosmopolitan once and sort of did not regret it.

    Now go forth and make drunken Gummi bears if you have any left from your Halloween candy. And don’t say I didn’t warn you.


    Update: Thanks to @AlwaysCookwWine aka Keely I am now making Rummy Bears, Gummi bears macerated in Puerto Rican rum. If only I could fast-forward to Friday!