Brian Means’ Fifth Floor Lemoncello

Lemoncello, or limoncello, is a classic Sicilian liqueur made from an infusion of lemon peel and alcohol, diluted with sugar and water.  My favorite lemons to use in lemoncello are Meyer lemons.  Keep a bottle of this in your fridge and they make amazing gifts too.

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Brian Means’ Fifth Floor Lemonchello

1 bottle of Everclear
12 lemons, peeled (no white part)
1 cup sugar cane granulated sugar
1 cup water

Peel the lemons with as little pith as possible. Add the peels to a large, clean jar and pour in the Everclear. Seal and let sit for 2 – 3 weeks, shaking the jar occasionally. Strain out the peels. In a saucepan mix the sugar and water together and dissolve.

For a clear lemoncello, cool the syrup and add it to the infused mixture.

For a creamy (cloudy) lemoncello, add the syrup when hot to the infused mixture.

As as little or as much sugar syrup as you like. Bottle and keep chilled. Makes a wonderful gift also.


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