Negroni Jelly

This crisp, perfectly balanced Negroni jelly is a perfect start to any fun party and is pleasantly boozy.  Portable cocktails, anyone?  These would also be great to bring to a movie.
Negroni jelly(

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Negroni Jelly

1 cup water
2 packets unflavored gelatin, like Knox
zest of one orange
1/3 cup gin
1/3 cup campari
1/3 cup sweet red Vermouth

In a microwavable cup measure, add the water, the orange zest and stir in the gelatin. Microwave for 20 seconds and stir. Repeat until the gelatin has completely dissolved and the liquid is pretty clear. The orange zest will make the liquid a little hazy looking.

Pour into a small casserole dish and add the booze, stir and chill overnight or for at least 6 hours until set.

Cut into squares and serve in low sided cups. You and your guests can fish out the jelly with your fingers to eat or tilt them back into your mouth.

You can get very fancy and use cookie or petit fours cutters to make pretty shapes, serve on a plate and garnish with threads of orange zest.


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