Sock It To Me

June 16, 2011 : Nastia is graduating from high school soon and wanted socks, in particular, this stripey yarn.  I love this pattern and I think she’s going to love them too.  Can’t wait to knit them in green and black for myself.
Picnik collage  
June 16, 2010 : For Mother’s Day I began a pair of bed socks for mOm in fuzzy bunny soft angora in her colors of white, lavender and pale pink, using PinkLemonTwist’s Void pattern.  They are to die for, but it’s the heat of summer up there so I’m going to save them for her birthday.  Lucky Mommy!
Mom's Void SocksMom's Void Socks

Today, I started a pair of socks for Anna, Bacchus Socks using Tess Alpaca in a yummy brown.  I think they are just adorable, and she is so tickled!
Almost done with the foot of the Baccus sock, it is just so cute!

January 31, 2010 : I finished a pair of socks for Ron Zimmerman, chef and founder of Herbfarm just outside of Seattle.  He tweeted about a dinner one night of a zucchini blossom stuffed with local salmon, I was smitten.  Then, a fellow Twitter friend, Draygone Yarns, had actually dined on that night and had the zucchini and salmon dish and was so inspired, she dyed sock yarn to match.  I had to have it.  And so, I started knitting the socks and kept thinking of Ron and his amazing restaurant that I would like to visit someday and just had to give the socks to him.  He’s tickled and created this image of my socks and the dish that inspired them.

January 6, 2010 : I finished the sparkly Pyroclastic socks today.  I just love them!
Sparkly Socks collage

Today, I started socks with yarn from Draygone Yarns.  She visited Herbfarm in Washington and was so inspired by one of Ron Zimmerman’s dishes, the salmon stuffed zucchini flower, that she dyed self-striping sock yarn to coordinate with the dish!  I heard about her on Twitter and of course I had to buy the yarn.  I think that I may gift Ron with these socks.  I’m using the Earl Grey pattern by Yarn Harlot.  Isn’t it amazing how the web can inspire such creativity.

December 25, 2009 : When all else fails me, I can knit a sock. These Pyroclastic socks look complicated and cabled but they are really a super easy lace pattern, soothing to knit. After my kitchen-mojo departed so drastically, I needed soothing. This yarn was the last installment from the Simply Socks sock club, it is gorgeous, has real silver in the yarn, so soft and sparkling. I’m almost done with the second sock.

December 1, 2009 : While up with family, I struck upon the idea of using Pi as a striped sock pattern. My sis found a clever Pi chart in the web and as soon I came home I started this fun project. These socks are for me and they are gorgeous. Malabrigo sock yarn, mmmm. One is done, the mate is well on its way.
*****update, December 24, 2009: I finished the socks, they are gorgeous! They don’t fit me, but they are gorgeous! So on Christmas Day I let my mom and sis try them on, whomever they fit got to keep them, and my mom is now the proud owner! She wore them the rest of the week!!

November 39, 2009 : Update: I sneakily finished the Manly Sock while up at the parental units for Thanksgiving. I was even working on them whilst in the same room and he (giggle) never noticed. They came out so well.

October 29, 2009 : I realized today,with some horror, that I have knit things for everyone in my tiny family except my dad. And Christmas is coming! And he loves his handknit socks. And, he wears a size 13. Do you know how long it takes to knit size 13 socks! I might not make it! I’m using yarn from my stash, but normally I would use three balls to make socks for him, and only have two balls, so I’m being creative and making the cuffs, heels and toes in a soft brown and the leg and foot in a denim blue. They are just so darn cute! I have to work on them longer in order to take a picture though, stay tuned!

September 19, 2009 : Today, my Socks of Pride, so named in honor of my sister, won Best Socks at the 35th Annual Jug Wine Festival! When asked why I like to knit socks, I said, “Because wearing hand knit socks is like wearing a foot full of hugs.”. Sometimes I am just *so* poetic.

September 9, 2009: The next installment of the fun Simply Socks Summer Yarn Club yarn has arrived, it’s cashmere. Oooo, quiver quiver. I have started right away, and finished sock #1 up at the parental units over Labor Day. Je t’adore cashmere…

Second sock finished at Thanksgiving:

August 18, 2009: I have finished my Socks of Sea Glass, using the fun Simply Socks Summer Yarn Club yarn. They are so shimmery and silky and the sea glass color is dead on. The pattern is so fun, Shaped Arch. Probably no where else in the US does one needs socks in the summer, but it has definately been sock weather at night with this fog!

August 4, 2009: I have finished my mOm’s Socks of Aquamarines, and gave them to her today. She loves them! (((happy!)))

Socks of Aquamarines

August 2, 2009: My Simply Socks Summer Yarn Club first yarn arrived, gorgeous stuff, a gradient yarn called Sea Glass by Simply Sheep. I’m using the Shaped Arch pattern, combined with their gradient instructions. Here’s a pic, one down and just the foot to go! Can’t wait to wear them, this has been a cold foggy summer but I’m craving summery colors still.

sea glass sock collage

June 5, 2009: I am working on a secret knitting project. Heh heh heh.

Meantime, I am working on a new sock design, the Spring Sock pattern, in a lovely aqua green color. I have called them The Socks of Aquamarines and they are destined for my mUm. So fun to knit, I haven’t used cables in a sock before and I am wishing there were more of them in the pattern. Sock #1 is about 1/3 done so far.
Socks of Aquamarines

May 31, 2009: It was with a frisson of shame that I realized I have never knitted anything for my dear friend Anna. How could this be? What kind of person am I? The horror, the horror…. After whizzing through Jay-bean’s socks I started this wonderful sock for Anna-Bella. The design is called the Shaped Arch Sock because of a neat arch shape (duh), but it truly is lovely, especially on the foot. This yarn is the yummiest German stuff, subtly shaded and nicely sprongy and elastic yet wooly. I found it at No Sheep for Ewe in Arnold on my last visit to the parental units home last summer, and, it was ON SALE! Me likey. This pattern is so easy to make, and Anna-bella has the teeniest feet (just a size 6!) so I have already completed Sock 1 and am am halfway done with Sock 2. She’ll have them this week, perfect with our currently uber-foggy Spring days.

Shaped arch socks collage

May 30, 2009: I really like the Cauchy design for socks, such a fun pattern to knit and also versatile, I think it would make a good “manly” sock. After finishing Susan’s socks I almost immediately dived into my sock yarn basket and found a manly skein of yarn and cast on the Cauchy socks – Socks of Applied Mathematics (2) destined for Jay! And, I finished them in just a few days, how amazing is that, I am now setting land speed records for knitting socks (well, I really need to get a life but hey, it’s keeping me happy!). Behold, the manly beauty of Jay’s new socks:

Jay's socks collage

May 22, 2009: Happily I have just finished a pair of socks for my friend Susan. They are The Socks of Applied Mathmatics(1) inspired by August Louis Cauchy, a French mathematician who developed the famed Cauchy-Schwartz inequality theory, from cookie a’s latest book. I embellished them by doing the toes in chocolate yarn “chocolate dipped” and a lacy cuff to match!

Socks of Applied Mathmatics collagele


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  2. Barbara in the Mountains

    I’m sitting with the computer and keeping my feet toasty with my dear daughter’s latest creation. Boy, am I lucky to have such a talented knitter in the family! Theresa, my good friend saw my socks and I had to resist gifting her with my pair. She loved them, especially when she discovered how soft and toasty they are, but they are special to me. I’ll have to work out an arrangement with my knitter. Thanks to HAL.

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