Flame of Love Cocktail

A bartender in North Beach told me a tall tale how he created this cocktail recipe for Dean Martin.  The cocktail was created for Dean, but not by this gentleman! Read the full story here, and do make this cocktail for yourself sometime.

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Flame of Love Cocktail

2 oz. Vodka (I like Grey Goose)
splash Fino sherry
1 orange

Pour a splash of Fino sherry into a coupe glass to film it and pour out the excess. Peel 3 wide strips of orange peel from the orange.  Stir the vodka over ice until very chilled and pour into the glass.  Hold one strip of the orange peel with the skin side facing the glass, and bend it in front of a lit match, the essential oils of the orange will flame dramatically. Drop the peel into the glass and repeat with the remaining two orange peels.  With the last peel, rub the edge of the peel over the rim of the glass, then remove all but one peel from the glass and serve.

Be sure to listen to Dean Martin while sipping.